Marble Radha Krishna Statue

Experience the enchanting love story of Lord Radha Krishna through our exquisite collection of lord radha krishna statue at Statue Arts. Our crafted Marble Radha Krishna Statues capture the divine union and eternal bond between these two beloved deities.

Handcarved by skilled artisans, each statue encapsulates the essence of Radha and Krishna's love, portraying their divine interactions with intricate details and heartfelt expressions.

Why Choose Our Lord Radha Krishna Statue:

  • Artistic Brilliance: Our craftsmen pour their dedication and skill into each statue, ensuring that the essence of Radha Krishna's divine love is translated into every curve and contour.
  • Premium Marble: We source marble of the highest quality, symbolizing the timeless nature of Lord Radha Krishna's love and devotion.
  • Spiritual Connection: Having a Radha Krishna statue in your sacred space can inspire feelings of love, devotion, and spiritual connection.
  • Symbolic Gift: A statue of Lord Radha Krishna serves as a meaningful gift for weddings, anniversaries, and spiritual milestones, conveying the message of divine love.

Evoke the divine romance and spiritual harmony of Lord Radha Krishna in your life with a captivating marble masterpiece from our collection. Each lord radha krishna statue is a testament to their eternal love and serves as a reminder of the cosmic bond they share. Embrace the divine love and union of Radha Krishna with a timeless treasure from Statue Arts.


1. What is a Lord Radha Krishna Statue?

A Radha Krishna Statue is a beautifully sculpted representation of the divine love between Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, a central theme in Hindu mythology.

2. What does this statue symbolize?

The Statue symbolizes the profound love, devotion, and spiritual union between Lord Krishna and Radha. It reflects the essence of divine love and harmony.

3. How can this statue add to my decor?

Introducing a Radha Krishna Statue to your space infuses an atmosphere of love and devotion. It's a captivating piece that radiates the energy of pure affection.

4. Are these statues handcrafted?

Absolutely, our statues are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Their craftsmanship ensures intricate details and a sense of reverence.

5. What sizes are available in this collection?

Our Radha Krishna Statue Collection offers various sizes, from small tabletop versions to larger centerpieces, giving you options to fit your space.

6. Can I display the statue outdoors?

It's recommended to keep your Lord Radha Krishna Statue indoors or under cover. While marble is durable, outdoor exposure might impact the statue's condition over time.

7. How do I care for the statue's appearance?

Maintain the statue's beauty by regularly dusting it with a soft cloth. If needed, you can gently wipe it with a damp cloth and ensure it's thoroughly dried.

8. Can I use this statue for worship?

Certainly, a Statue is often used as an object of worship, meditation, and connecting with the divine love and spirituality it represents.

9. Is this collection suitable for gifting?

Absolutely, gifting a Radha Krishna Statue is a heartfelt gesture for weddings, anniversaries, and occasions where you wish to convey the blessings of divine love.

10. How can I make a purchase from this collection?

To buy a Lord Radha Krishna Statue, explore the collection, select the statue you resonate with, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Feel free to contact our customer support for help.